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Garden of EIN Food Forest Farm will strive to be recognized within the region as the center of sustainable farming using natural method and provide affordable farm produce to the people.


To build a small-scale farm integrated with ecological, economical and social sustainability that will produce fresh, chemical-free, and affordable food for the people and provide farm-based learning experiences for children and adults within and outside the community.


Garden of EIN Food Forest Farm was established to be a sustainable farm and provide affordable food to the people. In 2015, a property in Barangay Eden, San Manuel, Isabela was initially considered as the location of what would have been Garden of Eden Organic Farm but did not materialize due to lack of farm-to-market road.

Fortunately, a 2.8-acre property in Barangay Sta. Cruz, San Manuel, Isabela with existing farm-to-market road was located and is now the site of the Garden of EIN Food Forest Farm. The property is a forest-like land due to the significant number of trees that have grown for the past 10 years that it remained uncultivated.

Garden of Eden Organic Farm was renamed to Garden of EIN Food Forest Farm due to patent registration rights.