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Interesting facts about Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a perennial plant species that has been in existence for a thousand years and belong to the genus Aloe. It is characterized by features such as thick fleshy green leaves, stemless, and height of about two feet. It originated from the Arabian Peninsula long ago and is currently cultivated across the world for agricultural and medicinal purposes. Further, Aloe Vera also grows naturally on its own in arid climates. In ancient times, Aloe Vera was a vital plant to our ancestors, and it continues to be of even much importance in the current time. Besides what people know about Aloe Vera, there are a more interesting fact about the plant.

Aloe Vera produces gel and latex, essential substances. The two substance are of different colors, latex being yellow and found under Aloe skin while the gel is clear and found on the plant’s leaves. Latex is used as a laxative agent to prevent constipation. This is taken in small quantities because massive ingestion is toxic to the body.

The gel is a treasured substance in Egyptian culture. It is used in performing some rituals such as burial and beauty. An Egyptian queen Cleopatra more depicted the beauty ritual. Furthermore, the gel contains about 75 proven healthy nutrients which include but not limited to enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The gel part of Aloe Vera is made up of 96 percent water; this allows the plant to drive in arid environments alongside other adaptive features.
According to scientific research and findings, there are 250 or more species of this plant, but surprisingly only four are known and cultivated in the contemporary time as an agricultural plant and for its medicinal capabilities.

The well-known and cultivated species in most parts of the world is Aloe Vera Barbadensis. There has been much claim that the plant has potential in curing most feared and deadly diseases such as cancer and AIDS. As a food, Aloe Vera is an essential plant to the food manufacturing companies in the production of yogurt and other beverages. Besides, the cosmetic industry uses this plant in the manufacture of most commonly used domestic items such as lotions, shampoos, and soaps among others.
Aloe Vera is a known plant with long life expectancy. It can survive for more than 100 years in wild environments. To the ancient Indians, Aloe Vera was used by traditional medicine men to treat various skin conditions and ailments such as heartburn, diabetes, wrinkles, high cholesterol, skin moistening, eye infections, wound healing, insect bite relief, eye infection, joint pain, and arthritis. The Indians called it Ayurveda.

However much the facts about Aloe are beneficial and more so medicinal to human, care has to be taken in the number of doses to be consumed. Excess consumption of Aloe might turn to out to show undesired results with adverse side effects. This is not to say Aloe Vera is terrible in any way; it is a known and proven plant with excellent performance in the cure and healing processes of certain diseases and conditions as briefly discussed above.


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