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Tricks How To Grow An Avocado Tree.


Growing an avocado tree may sound very simple but it requires patience. It may sound simple because every garden beginner may it be an adult or kids can do so. But patience and the care taken to the avocado tree is the main thing. There are activities or processes that are done to an avocado tree that is worth waiting. These tasks include:

  1. You are likely to start an avocado tree from the seed.
  2. Then planting the avocado tree outdoors.
  3. It calls for you now to start caring for that seedling which is a future avocado tree.
  4. Finally enjoying the results of your patience.

Having the above knowledge of what it takes to plant the avocado seed, it is enough to say that you must be patient enough for you to get the avocado tree fruits.

How to Plant the Avocado Tree.

Basically, there are processes that one should follow while planting an Avocado tree. These processes are

  1. The avocado seed is got from the avocado fruit. Wash and dry it.
  2. Add water in a jar to the brim.
  3. Locating the broad end of the seed, make sure that the broad endpoint down the water in the jar.
  4. Around the pit, press three toothpicks. This will, in turn, suspend the pit from the rim of the jar with water. Then place the toothpick about one inch from the avocado pit in the water.
  5. Make sure you place that jar together with the avocado pit away from direct sunlight. A window sill is highly recommended.
  6. Replenishing water is needed thus after two to six weeks the pit start to sprout.
  7. If there is no sprout noted, the process should begin with another seed.
  8. When the sprout reaches six to seven inches it should be cut by a half.
  9. When the roots have begun growing thick and stem start having leaves transfer the seedling into a pot with a bigger diameter whereby half of the seed should be exposed above the soils in the pot.

Planting an Avocado tree Outdoor

Avocados are known best to be tropical plants. This means that they are not meant for very cold places. Places like California, Florida, and most of the Southernmost parts, their temperatures rarely drop to freezing points. Thus it is good to plant the sprouted seed outdoors and do so in spring before the winter season sets in. The avocado tree should be protected from winds and frosts. Avocados should not be planted deep on the ground since they have shallow roots.

Avocado Tree Plant Care

To ensure that your avocado tree grows well, make sure that:

  1. You keep the avocado plant in warm and sunny areas.
  2. Keep the plant moist and not saturated by watering it frequently and make sure that the soils drain very well to prevent saturation.
  3. Cut down the stem if it grows to more than six inches to encourage a bushier look.
  4. Plant your seed when it is big enough for those who leave in a warm climate. After some years it will definitely bear fruits.
  5. Make sure you add some fertilizers to facilitate the rapid growth of the avocado plant.

Definitely, after taking good care of the avocado plant and being patient enough you will get the best results. The tree will bear you fruits that you will wait untill they mature, then pick them for indoors.


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