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Growing Cherry Trees


Planting cherry trees in your garden is good. However, some people lack the knowledge of how to grow cherry trees in their homes. The trees give a very nice scene especially during springs as they are full of white and pink flowers. This is followed by what people like most in the plant, the sweet cherry. The article explains how to grow cherry trees on your farm.

The cherry is available in two varieties, namely the sweet cherry and sour cherry.

The sugary cherry varieties are common in many places. The cherry has a dense and rich nature. The sweet cherry grows very well even in harsh environments; the plant has a unique self-sterile, it’s good for growing it in a big garden or your fruit farm. When planting you require at least 2 or 3 plants for pollination to take place effectively. With science in agriculture, there has been an improvement and developing of a self-pollinating cherry tree. The sour cherry can’t be taken raw and are used in the kitchen for preservative purposes. The cherry is smaller compared to the sweet cherry. The plant can be grown in the temperate areas.

The cherry tree begins to bear fruits during their 4th year. But the shorter varieties bear fruits in 3rd year. A well-grown cherry tree normally gives about 30-40 qtz of cherry for a year, but the dwarf variety gives 10-15 qtz.

How To Plant Cherries

They are planted during the early springs because the soils are soft and a lot of moisture. In the case of the sweet cherry plant, they are planted close to one another for pollination purposes. They’re planted in open space away from buildings for good circulation of air and access to the sun. The trees require deep soils with good drainage. The spacing, especially for the sweet cherry, should be 35-40 ft from one another while the shorts are planted at 5-10 ft from each other. It’s good to place your trees in the normal stock some inches beneath the ground.

In the case of the fan trees, it’s good to make some supporting staff before you plant the tree. The fans are planted at 12-15 ft from each other. While the bare roots, you plant the stock in the soil at the hole middle. The root shouldn’t be bend and fill it with soil. Those who like using containers to plant, just have the rootball removed and then cut. Avoid covering the rootball top.

How To Care For Cherry

Both sweet and sour cherry requires the same care and maintenance. Mulching is recommended to conserve moisture. Nets are used to prevent birds from feeding on the fruits. Also, observe regular watering when growing the plant in hot places. The cherry tree doesn’t require any thin to be done since they do it themselves. The trees are pruned yearly mostly during the cold season to promote fruiting.

Pest and Diseases

The plant can be attacked by caterpillars, aphids, brown rot, Japanese beetles and black knot. The tree may be invaded by bacteria disease. The pesticides are available to cater for all the pests.


The fruits are harvested when ripe, that is red, yellow or black depending on varieties. The cherries are harvested, eaten and cooked. Avoid handpicks the fruit as you may get injured and infected.


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