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10 Common Plant Diseases


1. Bacterial Spot

Cause:  Warm, wet environments

Symptoms: Small, dark, raised spots

What you can do: Destroy infected plants and apply a fungicide

2. Bacterial Blight

Cause: cool, wet weather

Symptoms: Large, yellow spots on leaves that eventually turn brown.

What you can do: Remove infected plants and ensure proper spacing between new plants.

3. Bacterial Wilt

Cause: Contaminated soil or weeds

Symptoms: Wilted leaves on plants during the daytime, eventually turning yellow and remaining wilted

What you can do: Discard infected plant and replant new plants in pathogen-free potting soil

4. Black Root Rot

Cause: Damp soil temperature between 55-65F

Symptoms: Stunted foliage and root systems with blackened areas

What you can do: Use a fungicide for preventive treatment

5. Aphids

What  attracts them: Warm environments and high nitrogen in early growth stages

What to look for: Small green or yellow bugs on leaves and stems

What you can do: Wipe plants with soapy water or rubbing alcohol

6. Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Cause: Aphids

Symptoms: Yellow Spotting or streaking on leaves

What you can do: Discard virus infected plant and maintain strict aphid control

7. Gray Mold

Cause: dying or wounded parts of plants like leaves and petals

Symptoms: Dark to light brown rot forming around wounded plant tissue

What you can do: remove and dispose of infected part of plant and apply a fungicide

8. Downy Mildew

Cause: Prolonged wetness

Symptoms: White mildew typically on underside of leaves

What you can do: Remove infected plants and keep spacing between plants to maintain proper air circulation

9. Spider Mites

What attracts them: warm, heated rooms

What to look for: Fine webbing on underside of leaves

What you can do: Isolate the plan and prune damaged leaves, clean infected plant with soapy water or an insecticide.

10. Mealybugs

What attracts them: Over watering and high nitrogen soil

What to look for: Small, white insects with a white fluffy coating

What you can do: Remove manually with rubbing alcohol or insecticide.


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