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Guide to Onions


There are many types of onions in the market and we plant different onions but do we know where to use them?

Yellow Onion

Most commonly used onion. Use when a recipe just calles for “onion”.

White Onion

Crunchy and tangy. Good for Salsa and stir fry.

Red Onion

Red onions

Best onion for eating raw. Try it in guacamole or sliced thin in salads.

Sweet Onion

Less sulfur than other onions, so they taste sweeter, good for fring and grilling.

Pearl Onions

Small onions with a sweet and subtle flavor. Good for roasting.


Spring onion native to North America. Slightly garlic raw, slightly sweet when cooked.

Spring Onions

Both green and white parts are edible. Milder than mature onions but very flavorful.


A flat and squat italian onion, that’s smaller than typical onions, less pungent and good for roasting whole.


Not actually an onion, but has very delicate onion flavor. Best for dressing.


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