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10 Tips When Buying Plants from a Garden Store


We want to buy plants, especially new gardeners, because it is easy and ready to be transferred to your garden. But there are important things that you should know when buying plants from a nursery. I hope these tips will help you get the best plants that will survive and thrive after buying them and to save your time and money.

How many of you have tried buying direct from a garden store? Yo must be patient when buying from a garden store because you need to inspect the plants you are bringing into your garden. The following are useful guides in choosing healthy plants in a garden store.

  1. Determine the type of plant you need. When you go to the garden store, you should know the type of plant you want to buy. Visualize your garden, where will you put the plant? Is your garden has full sunlight or semi-shade? If your garden has full sunlight, then you have to buy sun-loving plants. If partially shady, buy plants that do not require full sunlight.
  2. Be familiarize with the plants you are buying. You need to know the name of the plant,how to care for the plant, the type of plant whether indoor or outdoor.
  3. Pick healthy looking plants. Sometimes, garden store are spraying something to make the plants look good. In order not to waste your money, look and check closely the plants. Look at the back of each leaves if there are any pests. Look at the base of the plants. Don’t be fooled by good-looking plants, some of them are not healthy.
  4. Check for pests. This is important and you must give extra time and inspecting the plants carefully especially at the back of leaves because insects and pests are always hiding there. Check of any curled leaves and if there is, get another one. Remember, these plants may contaminate your garden.
  5. Check the soil. A good plants thrive in good soil. Check if the garden store used a well-draining soil for the plant and check whether the plant is watered adequately.
  6. Look around the garden store. Are the store clean and hygienic? This is important as some pests might be present in the plants you are buying.
  7. Check for weeds. Do not buy plants with plenty of weeds that means the garden store has poor maintenance.
  8. Buy fresh plants with healthy leaves and vigorous growth with flowering buds still not open. Do not buy plants in full bloom.
  9. Check if the plants was fertilized using chemical fertilizers. If they do, don’t buy them because you will have to sustain that and you will spent more money and beside it is not good for the health.
  10. Never stop asking questions to the garden store people. It is your right and you need to know everything about the plant.


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