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Growing Apple Tree in the Philippines?


We are all aware that apple tree will not grow in the Philippines or in any tropical countries. However, in February 1984, six low-chill apple cultivars were imported from the US and were planted in the dry season in Baguio City. Three to five long shoots grew vigorously from the maiden stem. Anna and Dorset Golden varieties were planted and responded well to the climate. After 5-6 months of planting, flower bud formation was profuse at the beginning but after that there was no information if those flowers become an apple fruit.

In 2012, a Filipina posted in her “It’s Really My World” blog some pictures of her first successfully grown apple tree. She said in her blog that it is possible to grow an apple tree in a tropical country like the Philippines.

“Have you ever wish to have an apple tree in your backyard? Or is there anyone wish to have an apple tree in the tropics like Philippines? Being a tropical country is it really possible? Have you ever tried to grow apple tree from seeds collected from an apple? Well the answer is all Yes!” – It’s Really My World

She said, she has been germinating seeds from apples bought from grocery store. After 5 years, she successfully grew an apple tree and propagated 8 more trees through air layering. For information, she’s from Angono, Rizal, Philippines.  So how did she do it?

According to her blog, apple seeds need to experience a period of cold stratification before they will germinate. She even had a case where a seed germinated inside the apple fruit itself. She said, she let the fruit stay for a week in the refrigerator but when she checked it, the seed has germinated.

In April 2016, her apple tree blooms but like what happened in Baguio, there was no update if the flowers become an apple fruit. Until now, we don’t know and I have not heard of any apple tree in the Philippines with apple fruits.

There are many posts in Facebook where they successfully propagated apple tree, if you are one of them, post your apple plant/tree in the comment section and we will be glad to feature you in one of our articles.


  1. I have apple tree here in the Philippines, planted in a container, one fuji apple and the other one is California apple, I m glad to informed your good office that this April flowers bloomed in my Fuji apple.

  2. I had planted 3 seeds and i got one sprouted, i was very pleased and excited to see if its really gonna grow to a tree.

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