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Farm Craft: Using Recycled Plastic Water as Your Garden


You want to have a garden of edible plants but no available soil in your place? No problem! Why not use old and recycled plastic soda (softdrinks in the Philippines)? Instead of buying costly pots, recycle those old bottles and grow your favorite plants. Just use your imagination and be creative with those bottles. Using those recycled bottles, you will get fresh and healthy food and not only that, you are helping the environment too.

If your imagination is not working at the moment, here are some of the best ideas from the internet that can be used in your house, indoor or outdoor.

  • Get those water bottles and remove the bottom part and hang it upside down in your fence just like what is shown in the picture below. Garden in your fence using plastic bottle. PHOTO: Balconygardenweb.com  
  • If you have no fence, why not get your scrap wood and use it and put all those plastic bottles then plant your favorite lettuce, arugula, petchay, etc. See the pic below.
  • If you are lazy to water them regularly, why not use an automated irrigation system using those black irrigation hose with timer as shown in the picture below.
  • How about using your wall to put all those plastic bottles and plant your favorite greens? You will have your wall garden with fresh and edible greens.
  • Here is an illustrated instruction on how to make these beautiful planters using recycled plastic soda bottle. It is very easy to make.
  • You can also hang it in front of your house.
  • Some bottles can be used as greenhouse and will protect your plants as shown in the picture below.
  • In the window, why not hang it there. I have done this before. You will just need to water the top bottle and it will drip up to the bottom plant.
  • This is the easiest and very simple with water reservoir at the bottom of the bottle so you will not need to water them everyday.
  • If you are more artistic, why not paint them to make beautiful designs for your bottle. This is not only good in the eye but it will also prevent algae growth if exposed in the sun.


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