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Things You Should Not Include in Your Compost


Composts are from waste but not all wastes can be added to your compost. As they say, there is always exemption to the rules. There are things that should not be included in your compost because it may affect its quality.

Weeds with roots and seeds

Weeds from the garden or in your farm with roots may still live and propagate in your compost. Avoid adding them in your compost bin. Also, weeds with seeds should be avoided because it will germinate in your compost. However, if you will dry them before putting them in your compost pile, that is possible for weeds with roots but not with seeds.

Plants infected with diseases and pests

Just like what I said in the opening of this article, there is always an exemption. Plants with diseases can be composted ONLY IF your compost pile gets at least 135 degrees Fahrenheit for a few days to let it “therma kill” the disease. The heat will kill the disease but if your compost pile is not that hot, NEVER PUT PLANTS WITH DISEASE.

Tomatoes with seeds

Technically, you can compost tomatoes because it will rot down very quickly. However, tomato seeds can easily germinate. Unless you want a tomato plants in your compost, you can include them.  So, I suggest removing the seeds and plant them to your garden and keep the flesh in the compost pile.

Plants treated with insecticides

We want our plants to be free from any chemicals and plants treated with insecticides will affect the quality of our compost. Make sure that the materials you are composting are free from any chemical insecticides.

Carnivorous animals’ manure

Manure is one of the ingredients of compost but never put dog and cat manures because their manure can be harmful to our health. Dog manure has roundworms. Some experts say, you can compost them provided your compost has reached the proper heat temperature but I would suggest not to include them in your compost.

Non-biodegradable materials.

Avoid adding materials such as plastics, glass, aluminum, metal, etc. These materials never break down. If you want to save our planet with these biodegradable materials, why not recycle them? You can use them as your seedling pots.

Bakery products

All bakery products should not be included in your compost because it will attract pests, insects and animals.

Cooking oil

The smell of your used cooking oil can attract animals and insects. It will slow down the composting process and may upset the moisture balance of your compost pile.


We all like meat but for our compost, please never put them there if you don’t want your compost to be feasted by insects, rodents, and pests. In addition to that, it does not break down.

Meat will rot or decompose slowly and will create bad smell which will attract animals and insects.

Dairy Products

Dairy products may attract pests and if ever you will put them in the compost pile, put them in the center of your compost. But I would suggest not to include them in your compost.

Personal Care Products

Personal care products such as soap, sanitary napkins, shampoo, perfume should not be included because it contains chemicals.

Painted and pressured treated woods

These products are treated with chemicals and should be avoided including the byproducts of these woods such as sawdusts. However, all untreated woods can be included in your compost pile.

Glossy printed papers

This material should never be added on your compost.  Glossy papers are treated with plastic-like coatings such as magazines will not decompose properly and this may contain chemicals and toxins.


  1. I was not aware about many of these things that shouldn’t be included in the compost. The best compost is made from bio degradable materials and we should avoid using things that are treated with pesticides and insecticides.

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