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17 Ways to Make Money in your Small Farm or Garden


Everybody wants to earn money from their hard work. Farming and gardening are not as profitable as other occupations. But if you will not re-invent your farming ways, you will not make more money. Monocropping is only good if your land is huge. So how will you maximize the use of your small land to earn more money? Here are 17 ways to make money on a small farm/garden.


When you think of a farm, number one that comes to your mind is vegetables. Selling different vegetable is one of the most profitable in farm produce. You can sell your vegetables on sidewalk, in a booth, or in a public market. You are lucky if there is a farm market near you. If you’re good in marketing, you can get a contract with other restaurants in your area.

Preserved Vegetables

Preserved vegetables

If some of your veggies were not sold, do not be discouraged. You can preserve left overs or learn how to make something out of your veggies, a value-added product for your farm.

Small Nursery

Many People are now buying plants. Build a small nursery in your farm and start selling plants.


Start saving and collecting your plants’ seeds. You can sell all your seeds online, create a Facebook page or join groups and sell your seeds.

Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs

If you have at least 50 chickens, then that means you may get at least 50 eggs per day which you can sell in the market or to your neighbors.

Fertile Duck Eggs

Get some ducks and start raising them. Incubate their eggs and after 18 days, you can sell it as “balut”, a popular street food in the Philippines.

Honey and Honeycomb

Buy some bees and sell their honey and honeycomb and at the same time these bees will help pollinate your plants.

Mushroom Production

Learn how to propagate mushroom. You don’t need big space for mushroom production. A 100-square meter space is enough.

Chicken Meat

In addition to your layers, get some broilers and sell their meat. Filipinos love chicken and you will always have a market for them.

Goat’s Milk and Meat

Did you know that goat’s milk is nutritious just like cow’s milk? You can even make soap from goat’s milk. Goat’s meat is one of the popular meat in the Philippines and it is cheaper than cow’s meat.


Save manure of goat, chicken, rabbit, pig, and cow, it can be sold to other organic farmers and gardeners.

Jams and Jellies

Attend some training offered by various government and non-government organizations on jam or jelly making and make your farm brand mango, guava, or any fruits in your farm. It is a value-added product and it will give you more money.


Plant some flowers and sell its cuttings. You will find out that there are many people buying flowers just like vegetables.


Herbs, whether fresh or dry, are profitable farm produce.


Since many people are now conscious with their health and they are buying organic produce, some farmers are now buying compost. Make some compost in your farm and sell the excess. You can also let your free-range chicken eat on your compost.

Farm Crafts

Make some crafts in your farm. You can make plant maker, art wood, handmade soap or any wood craft and sell it.


Agritourism is now popular among tourists especially those who want to experience rural life and eat organic food. Try to develop your small farm into an agritourism farm and earn more money from the tourists’ fee.

You see! There are so many ways to make money in a small farm. We must re-invent farming in the Philippines to be a profitable business. Like what former Senator Manny Villar said, “Sipag (diligence) at Tyaga (perseverance).


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