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How to Grow Strawberry – Planting and Growing Guide


First thing we should learn is the selection of suitable site for your strawberry production. The selection of a suitable site is essential for good strawberry production.  For site selection, you must consider the following:

  • Prepare the site

One of the critical steps in strawberry production is the preparation of site. Planning and preparation should start a year before the planting.

  • Soil

A deep, well-drained sandy-loam soil to loamy-silt soil with a good supply of humus (4% organic matter). It is important for the soil to hold moisture in order to have good yields. Heavy clay soils is not good for strawberry plants. Poor soil will result to root rot problems for the plant. A pH 5.5 to 6.5 is the best for strawberry.

Do not over water or flooded the strawberry plants for more than 2 days as the roots will be injured.

  • Irrigation

Being a shallow rooted plant, its roots are in the top 15cm of soil and irrigation is essential for consistent high yields. It has low tolerance to salts, as such a sodium adsorption ratio of less than 30 adn chloride levels below 110-180 mg/L is required. Avoid fields with salt levels above 1.0 mS/cm.

  • Weeds

Like any other plants, weed control is necessary. Poor weed control can result in crop failure.

  • Nematodes

Nematodes will be one of the problems of strawberry plant. Hence, the soil should be tested for nematodes a year before planting.


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